2019 Water Shut Off Date
Friday, September 27, 2019 11:55 AM
The last honey wagon run will be October 17th. The Water will be shut off the morning of October 19th. Please plan accordingly.
Timberlake Rule Changes
Tuesday, July 30, 2019 9:22 AM
A new rule has been added to the 2019 Timberlake Rule Book. The change as follows:

General Rule Addition:


Reservations for requested lots will be done on first CALL basis. Members must call with their reservation requests in advance of their arrival. We will do our best to accommodate the lot request.
If Timberlake Management assigns the member or guest a lot, the Member/guest must accept the assigned lot.

Timberlake must have 48 hours’ notice to pull on a member’s trailer to a lot.
Effective immediately.
2019 Annual Member Meeting Minutes
Saturday, May 11, 2019 12:39 PM
Timberlake Annual Member Meeting
May 4, 2019

Tim and Tammy Longcore opened the meeting at 11 am with a greeting to all members present.
Staff was introduced along with the Activity Directors. Also introduced several new seasonal members.
Told Members to pick up Hold Harmless Forms if they had not filled one out yet. We provided an Activity List for the season, as well as announcing the upcoming Movie Nights.
Mel took the floor and informed members of final leaf pickup to take place on May 6th.
Wood orders would be one size and will be priced at $30 per load. Armloads of wood still available at the Office.
The modular bathroom doors are being left open and the lights are drawing bugs. Please make sure the door is fully latched when you leave.
Mel emphasized the need to watch your speed when traveling thru the Park. Safety is the utmost priority. Make sure when driving vehicles or golf carts that you are watching for kids. Golf carts and kids do not follow directional signs on the roads thru out Timberlake. Vehicles must follow directional signs within the Park.
Mel made a point that all Members MUST sign in when entering the Park. If the Office is closed when you arrive, please attempt to get to the Office the next morning. It is imperative that we have a list of who is on site at any given time in case we need to evacuate the park or severe weather conditions. If severe weather, Staff will attempt to alert on-site members to take shelter at the Clubhouse or the Office. Management will look into some type of alert system for the park.
In case of a medical emergency, please stay calm and remain on the line with 911 Dispatch. Ask for someone to go to the gate to escort the first responders to the correct lot.

Tammy and Tim introduced Karen Longcore and let the Members know that Karen was “officially” retired. Karen will continue to attend activities and visit with Members.

Rule Changes for 2019:
1. Once a guest is registered, you will not be allowed to make the guest changes for overnight visitors.
2. Members can leave their trailer unoccupied for 48 hours during their contiguous stay.
3. Barns with regular trussed roofs are now allowed. Barns can have vinyl siding.
A member asked the Longcores to consider allowing more than 8 guests for overnight stays.

An ‘adult’ only hot tub is going to be scheduled for installation. We anticipate an installation around August or September.

Improvement Goals
Paving the “C” section road
Playground to be moved and expanded

Tim explained to the Members the importance of paying membership and seasonal dues. Improvements can only be accomplished if members pay their dues owed. Tens of thousands of dollars are still owed for 2018. If he member is behind more than 2 months, the member must make payment arrangements or their gate card may be shut off.

Tim also addressed a new Policy regarding marijuana smoking in the Park. Marijuana CANNOT be smoked anywhere other then in the member trailer. Smoking in public is not allowed.

The Management will be looking into a method for members to sign in after office business hours. Stay tuned!

No guests will be allowed into the Park once the Office is closed unless they are PRE-REGISTERED.

We will be offering full summer season pump outs this year. Pump outs will be done weekly from Memorial Day till Labor Day. Price is $180 for the season.

If you would like Timberlake to mow the grass on your lot, the service is available for a $50 fee.

All Hold Harmless Agreements and Golf Cart Registrations must be completed by Memorial Day

The meeting was opened to the Members, these are the subjects discussed:
Member wanted to know if any lots were being upgraded to 50-amp 231-225-8737service, and the Management said no plans to upgrade at this time.
Sand on the road in front of 200 lots has become a problem for kids riding bikes. Management will take this under advisement.
Member asked about Internet in the Park. Tammy explained that we had a study done and the price to put up a tower was extremely expensive so other options will need to be explored.
Our Timberlake beach is limited this year due to the water level. Longcores are checking with the DNR for options.
Members are appreciative of all the improvements the Longcores have done.
Member mentioned that we should have some type of marking for Seasonal Lot members that are CPR/AED trained.

Water Turn On
Monday, April 8, 2019 5:33 AM
Hey Timberlakers so many members are asking when the water will be turned on. Here is an update. If everything goes well and the water tests are good, the water should be available for use late afternoon on April 19th. Please do not try to use the water prior to that date as that may delay the process. We will do our best to keep everyone informed on the progress. Let's all hope there is no problems!! See everyone soon.

Friday, June 22, 2018 12:05 PM
Timberlakers, a new Rule has been added to the Timberlake Rule book.

Under General Rules, Rule 21: Riding in the open bed of a pickup truck IS NOT ALLOWED on Timberlake Property.

Saturday, May 12, 2018 2:35 PM

General Rules: 18. NO four-wheelers, quads, odyssey, dirt bikes, etc. are allowed to be driven on any Timberlake property. If you bring them in on a trailer to be used on the dunes, they are to remain on the trailers as long as they are on Timberlake property. Violation will result in you being asked to remove them from Timberlake property and or you will be asked to leave. ANY RAZORS THAT ARE “STREET LEGAL AND PLATED” MAY BE DRIVEN ON TIMBERLAKE PAVED ROADS ONLY. Motorized scooters are allowed on Timberlake paved roads.

Camping Policies: 10. Members can set up tents on their lot. You must register the tent with the Office and pay current fees. All tents must be taken down and put away when not occupied for more than 24 hours.

Seasonal Policies:
3. IMPORTANT: Delivery of ANY major items (i.e. sheds, campers, decks, construction lumber, etc.) will only be allowed when member is present. Member must provide 24-48 hour notice PRIOR to delivery of said items.
NOTE: Delivery of major items CANNOT be done during holiday weekends!
24. NO blue or bright green vinyl tarps are allowed. Only brown, camouflage, or grey may be used. All others must be removed. No other covering material is allowed and must be removed. Timberlake Resort cannot be held responsible for items under non- approved covering. Woodpiles may be covered with appropriate color tarps.
25. Seasonal Members are allowed to have a utility trailer on their lot, but trailer is not to exceed 12 feet in bed length.

Storage Policies: 5. If a member is having new trailer/camper placed on their site, the old/previous trailer can only be stored in storage area for maximum of 30 days. After 30 days, the trailer/camper must be sold or removed.

2018 Timberlake Member Meeting Minutes
Thursday, May 10, 2018 8:54 AM

Tim and Tammy Longcore opened the meeting at 11 am with a welcome and thank you to all attending members.
Tammy introduced Timberlake Staff:
Mel – Maintenance Manager Staff: Greg, Dan, Micki, Alex, Spencer
Jean – Office Manager Staff: Alicia, Jan
Tammy made a special “thank you” to additional team members who help throughout the year:
Fred and Sue Brander, Jim Veeneman, Mike Welch, Ruth Ryske

The new bathrooms “Pods” were discussed and members voiced their approval of the additional bathrooms.
A new “Pod” bathroom will be in place in A Section in the month of July
Tammy encouraged Members to “clean up after themselves” when needed.

Hot Tub – Tammy is working with a vendor to purchase and install a new hot tub here at Timberlake. She explained that she met with the vendor and is on a waiting list with the hope that we would have a hot tub by fall of 2018. Tammy explained the decision to make the hot tub “adult only”. No kids will be allowed in the hot tub. A fence will be build surrounding the hot tub to provide some privacy for the adults.

Tammy announced the ending of Timberlake’s association with national camping organizations, ie. Coast to Coast, AOR, RPI. She explained the reasons for the decision.

Tammy informed the members about the rental unit, Leisure Lodge, was no longer on site for rent. It has been replaced by a 5th Wheel RV on Lot 6 that would be available for rent.
She also introduced the new Premium Seasonal Site, located where the old Leisure Lodge was. The Premium Seasonal includes a nice screened porch with full sewer hookups. The Premium Seasonal is available for $2700.00 annually.
A new service offering this year will be Season Pump outs. Members can sign up for the service for a fee of $182 and their unit will be pumped ever week for 15 weeks beginning Memorial Day. All fees must be paid prior to Memorial Day. Sign up in the Office.
We still have one (1) Partial Seasonal site left if anyone is interested.
It was announced that is it still being planned to pave the road in “c” section. A date has not been set as yet.

Areas of Concern:
Pool Area: Some bad behavior was displayed last year by some children and it was caught on the security cameras. Management is requesting parents teach their kids responsible pool behavior.
Curfew for Minors: All minors MUST be at theirs lots by 10 pm, except if accompanied by an adult. Last year, minors were seen in the Clubhouse all hours of the night. Please remind your minors that we have cameras in the Clubhouse. Several young people were seen doing things that should not be done in public.
Unsupervised youngsters: Children should be supervised when playing near Cranberry Lake. We could have had a serious drowning accident last year with a child floating on the dock in middle of Cranberry Lake. Thank goodness the Timberlake Staff took immediate action and rescued the child. No parents were present.

Safety: Mel discussed the need to “manage” or supervise fires in the fire pits. DO NOT leave a fire unattended at any time. We are not exempt from fires in our Park. Newaygo County just had a major forest fire. We do not want that happening here at Timberlake, especially with everything being so dry.
Severe Weather: Please stay alert and heed all warnings. If Timberlake Staff tells you to take cover, please go immediately to the Clubhouse or the Office.
Medical Emergency: Seconds count, please help each other out if possible. Send someone up to the entrance gate to escort emergency personnel to the emergency. A suggestion was made to provide emergency flashing lights to all lots to assist medical personnel in locating the site. Timberlake Management will follow up on the suggestion.

MEMBERS AND GUESTS MUST SIGN IN upon entering the Park. That is the only way Staff knows who is on site in case of an emergency. This is Rule #1 in the Timberlake Rule Book.

Wood deliveries: Mel is going to try to speed up wood deliveries during busy times. The Maintenance Staff will have loads of wood stacked on wood pallets in advance, then the pallet can be delivered quickly with no need for the front end loader.
Tim Longcore asked the Members to remove all ropes tied to trees (clothesline) at the end of the camping season. He has noticed numerous sites were the rope has grown into the tree which could eventually damage the tree.

Tammy announced the end of Bake Sales!! We are trying something new to make money for the Activity Fund, Pancake Breakfasts. Please support the Pancake Breakfasts so we can continue to fun and enjoy the summer activities planned.

Tammy would like Members to pay bills within 30 days of receipt of the bill. If payment arrangements need to be made, don’t hesitate to stop in and talk to Tammy, she will be more than happy to work with anyone. Electric bills need to be paid on a timely basis also.

A document is available that details any and all rules that have been changed in the 2018 Timberlake Rule Book. The document is available in the Office and can be emailed to any Member. Tammy emphasized the need for your guests to know about the Timberlake Rules, especially pertaining to the guest usage of golf carts.
An important new rule is that Members MUST BE PRESENT when a delivery is being made for them or if any building is being moved. The Office must be told 24 – 48 hours in advance of deliveries and moves. No deliveries or moves are to be done on a Holiday Weekend.

The rule of covering wood piles with tarps has been removed. Only green, gray, or camouflage tarp colors will be allowed to cover wood piles. Staff highly recommends getting the woodpiles up off the ground to limit “critters” in the woodpile. Please try to use up all wood at the end of the camping season.
Another new rule is allowing seasonal members to store utility trailers on their lots but the trailer cannot exceed 12 ft. in bed length. Any trailer that exceeds that length must be stored in the Storage area.
Leaves will be picked up from the edge of the roads the week of May 20th. Lots must be raked by then if you want Timberlake to pick up the leaves.

Dogs must be on leases or tie downs at all times. Please clean up after your dogs. Dogs are not allowed in any Timberlake building or on the beach.

Please teach your kids the rules of the road when riding their bikes. Kids are not allowed to pass any moving motorized vehicle!! They should also obey all Stop signs.
We want kids to feel free to ride their bikes all around Timberlake property so we are asking adults to be aware and alert for kids and bikes.

In an attempt to accommodate late arrival guests, please call the Office phone (231 873-3285). The call will be forwarded to a cell phone and will be answered by Timberlake Staff who can assist you’re guest. This accommodation can be used till 10 pm on weekends and 8 pm on weekdays.
We are also implementing a new guest arrival procedure. If your overnight guest will be arriving after the Office closes, we can email your guest the forms necessary for them to enter the park after hours. Please help us make this new procedure successful.

Playground: We are in need of new playground equipment. The Timerlake Activity fund will be used to purchase playground equipment plans/kit but we are asking for members to volunteer to help build the equipment. There is a signup sheet in the Office if you would like to volunteer. We will keep everyone informed of the dates for construction. Thanks to all for volunteering.

Questions and Comments:
Some campers tie their dog outside and leave for the day. This is not only cruel to the dog but is breaking a Timberlake Rule. Please do not leave your dog unattended outside.

Kids are being careless when riding their bikes, especially riding out the exit road at a high rate of speed. They kids forget that there is incoming traffic and the kids do not stop at the bottom of the hill.
Some members would like their electric meters calibrated.
Please help with activities. Sue Brander has a signup sheet for any and all that would like to volunteer to help with activities.
Meeting was adjourned for lunch.
Activity Calendar
Sunday, April 29, 2018 8:58 AM
The 2018 Activity Calendar has been finalized, check the website Calendar for details.
Premium Seasonal Site
Sunday, April 29, 2018 8:56 AM
As many as you have noticed, the old mobile home we called Leisure Lodge is no longer there. That area will become a new Premium Seasonal site. The site includes a nice screened in porch as well as full sewer hook-up. Let the Office know if your interested in the Premium Seasonal!!
New Rental Unit
Sunday, April 29, 2018 8:55 AM
Timberlake has added a new "cabin" rental unit to replace the old mobile home. We have a 5th Wheel RV on Site 7 that will be rented. It will be called Leisure Lodge! It has a bedroom with a queen bed and a 4 bed bunkhouse, so sleeps 6 total. We are taking reservations now for the new Leisure Lodge. Let the Office know if your interested.
Member Meeting 2018
Sunday, April 29, 2018 8:51 AM
ANNUAL MEMBER MEETING FOR 2018. May 5th, 11 AM, Clubhouse. A hotdog lunch will be provided following the Meeting. Hope to see you there!!!
Water Turn On
Sunday, April 22, 2018 7:37 AM
We plan to have the water turned on by this weekend, April 27th baring any unforeseen circumstances.

Let the Season Begin!!
Activity Calendare
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 4:32 PM
Timberlakers, as we are fast approaching Spring, the Timberlake Staff is planning the Activities for the Season. We are slowing adding events onto the Timberlake Resort web page. Please keep in mind that all activities are preliminary as of this time. Only the Dance dates we announced earlier are tentative and awaiting confirmation from the DJ's. Everything else on the Events Calendar on the website is subject to change We are still in the planning and finalization stage. We will keep you posted!!
Dance Schedule for 2018
Friday, February 23, 2018 9:14 AM
We have set the dates for our Dances in 2018.

July 7th, Fourth of July Dance
July 28th, Western Weekend Dance
Aug. 18th, Street Dance
Sept. 1st, Labor Day Dance.

We will begin adding activities to the Timberlake Calendar in the near future.
Camping Organizations Coast to Coast, AOR, RPI
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 9:02 AM
Timberlake Management has made the difficult decision to cancel all affiliation with 3 national camping organizations, Coast to Coast, Adventures Outdoor Resort, and Resort Parks International. Members of these organizations will no longer be able to camp at Timberlake as if July 21, 2017. If you have further questions regarding this issue, please feel free to stop in the Timberlake Office.
2017 Annual Member Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 11:51 AM
Timberlake Annual Member Meeting
May 6, 2017

Tammy & Tim Longcore opened the meeting at 11 AM with a welcome to all Members. The Timberlake staff was introduced, along with our Activities Directors, Fred and Sue Brander.

Mel Wells, Maintenance Manager, addressed the Members regarding several issues.
Severe Weather: Staff will attempt to alert all members on site if severe weather is approaching, ie tornado watch. An alarm will be installed at the Clubhouse for alerting campers. Do not stay in your trailers during tornado warnings. Take shelter in the Clubhouse bathrooms, stay away from windows. Shelter is also available in the basement of the Office. Pets will be allowed in both locations during a weather emergency.
Medical Emergency: Stay calm and call 911. Meet emergency responders at the main entrance gate and escort them back to the location of the emergency. Enlist help from other members if necessary.
Mel continued to discuss other important issues. Members must sign in when they arrive at Timberlake so Management know what members are present. This is important.
Mel encouraged all members to make sure their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were operational.
A member suggested having a class to teach members how to use the AED equipment. Staff will check into this. It was also suggested to purchase an additional AED to be kept in the beach bathhouse. Management will take into advisement.
Maintenance requests will be prioritized this year based on importance. Wood orders will be done by end of day. Other maintenance requests may take longer depending on the type of request. Special requests may be done for a fee.
Please do not put any metal objects (old grills, lawnmowers, tires, etc.) at the dumpsters. Allied Waste will not pick up these types of items! Feel free to bring these items to the back of the Maintenance Building for disposal.

Tammy announced that we are looking to hire additional maintenance staff so if any member knew someone who might be interested, please let her know.
Tammy wanted to extent a big thank you to Members who have volunteered to help around the campground with spring cleanup. She greatly appreciates the members help.
As we move into the full blown camping season, Timberlake Office will have a schedule of the Management staff that is on site in case of emergency or if assistance is required.
Seasonal Contracts are ready and need to be signed. Seasonal members need to stop in the Office as soon as possible to sign their contracts.
Tammy presented the new Partial Seasonal program. A large lot will be paired with a small lot for a member to become a Partial Seasonal for 4 – 6 months. We have 3 Partial Seasonal lots left if anyone is interested (Lots 9-10, 25-25, 121-123).

Tim and Tammy presented the 2017 Timberlake Rule Book and requested that ALL MEMBERS read it. We will be happy to supply a Rule Book printed copy or electronic copy. Provide us with your email address if you wish to receive an electronic copy. We will be keeping a list of who has received a Rule Book.
All guests must sign in at the Office. The Member takes all responsibility for their guests so Member must be present for the guest to be allowed access.
Tammy explained that on several occasions last year the Staff was verbally abused as well as Tammy. That will not be tolerated this year, please treat everyone with respect.
Tammy reminded Members that if their payments were not made in a timely manner, interest charges will be applied. She is very willing to work with Members in establishing payment plans.
Tim and Tammy spoke of the huge improvements being made at Timberlake this year. We have received the 2 new bathroom trailers. They are working diligently with the State and Contractors to get the bathrooms up and operational and hope to have them working by July 4th.
Additional improvements we hope to accomplish: new bathroom in A Section, possible full hook sites near the new modular bathrooms, hot tub, and paving the C Section road.
The garbage dumpsters in that area had to be moved due to the location of the new bathrooms. The new location of the dumpsters will be determined soon. In addition, that area will no longer be available for overflow parking. A new overflow parking area will be determined.
Porta Jon’s will be ordered for Memorial Day weekend.
Mel explained the new gate configuration to the members. He also stressed how important it was to NEVER walk under the raised gate. Members will be using the gate on the right and visitors/guests will use the gate on the left for entry.
Cars will be allowed in back of the Office without having to out the exit gate.
Tammy introduced the new “Guest Policy” to the members. She explained due to the additional expenses associated with the new bathrooms, revenue needed to be generated and she did not want to raise Seasonal Rates. We have never charged for guests/visitors but that is changing.
Children under the age of 18 will not be charged.
Adults (over 18) will be charged $2.00 for a day visit
Adults (over 18) will be charged $5.00 of an overnight visit
If a visitor/ guest comes in after the Office is closed, they must be in to register by 11 am the next morning.
Guests can pre-register and pay all associated fees and will be given a 4 digit gate code.
Tents can be put up at the Cabins.
A “Hold Harmless” document must be signed by every member once a year. Stop in the Office to sign Hold Harmless.
Dogs are not allowed on the Beach or in the Beach parking lot at the bottom of the hill
The Meeting was opened to the Members for comments/concerns.

A member expressed concern about children wandering without adult supervision at night.
Tammy said the Rule Book states that children be accompanied by an adult after 10 pm.
If you see someone on site that doesn’t belong at Timberlake, please let Staff know.
Golf carts will no longer be allowed in front of the Office
The only vehicle that will be allowed to park in front of the Office is Karen Longcore
All golf carts must be equipped with lights in order to operate the cart at night.
Encourage all bikes to have reflectors
Member must be present for an adult child to stay in their trailer
All bathrooms will be checked frequently to ensure that they are correctly supplied.
The pool will be open and heated for the Memorial Day weekend.
Mel added an additional “Thanks” the Member volunteers that have been so willing to help with spring cleanup.
Stop in the Office and add your name to the list if you would interested in having Timberlake offer internet.
Mel told everyone to be cautious stopping people on the trails that are not members. This could be a dangerous thing.
Remaining leaves will be picked up off the lots prior to Memorial Day.

Tammy closed the meeting with a thank you to the Members and invited everyone to have lunch.
Saturday, April 22, 2017 7:30 AM
Seasonal Members: Please have your leaves raked and out to the road as soon as possible. The last leaf pickup will be on May 21st.
Water On 2017
Friday, April 21, 2017 12:20 PM
The water has been turned on to all sites 4/21/17
New Partial Seasonal Program
Saturday, October 15, 2016 10:34 AM
Timberlake Resort will be implementing a new partial Seasonal Program. This is an effort to generate income for the Park and to eliminate the need to raise prices for members. There will be designated lots available for partial (4 - 6 months) seasonal lots as well as lots to store additional vehicles / dune toys/ etc. Please contact Tammy for details.
Fall 2016
Friday, September 30, 2016 12:02 PM
The date for water shut off is October 24, 2016. See you in the spring!!
2015 Timberlake Members Meeting Minutes
Friday, May 22, 2015 5:19 PM

Timberlake Staff attending: Tim, Tammy, and Karen Longcore as well as Dave, Audrey, Terry, Deb, and Jean.
Tammy opened the meeting at 11 AM with a “welcome to everyone” “It is going to be a great year”.
She proceeded to introduce the Staff including the new Park Manager, Dave Sanderson. Dave was greeted with a warm welcome from Timberlake members.
Dave spoke for several minutes “All of you Members make choices to be here and I have been impressed with the enthusiasm the Members have for Timberlake. Everyone takes care of everyone. I want to have fun and meet everyone as time goes on”.
Tammy will be keeping limited office hours during the week but is available by appointment. She will be here every Saturday if anyone needs to meet with her.
Several Timberlake Rules have changed and a two new ones have been added.
1) Guns – Rule 6: The discharging of ANY firearm or weapon (includes slingshots and BB guns) within 450 feet if any building, campsite, occupied area, across or on a NF road or body of water is prohibited. You must take the weapon home or leave the Timberlake property.
2) Storage area - all RV, trailers, units, must have a legal license plate, on campsites as well as in the Storage area. Timberlake management is having junk trailers hauled out of Storage. If you have a trailer in the Storage area, it must have a 8 ½ X 11” sign with your name on it. There are some trailers in storage that do not belong to members and those trailers will be removed. Anything that is in Storage must be actively used.
3) Rule 19: NO WOOD can be brought in from outside of Timberlake Resort. This is due to diseased trees to the north and to the south of Timberlake. We want to keep Timberlake’s trees disease free.
4) New Rule, Rule 2, Camping Policies: Members are to occupy one (1) campsite only. Sites are filled on a first come first served basis. Although the Resort can guarantee space, there is no reservation by site number. The limit for people camping on a campsite is eight (8).
5) New Rule, Rule 7, Golf Carts: No new trails are to be made on Timberlake property.

Tammy discussed the financial status of the Resort. A lot of the past debts have been paid. Now it is a matter of keeping up with current expenses and bills
There are currently 16 Seasonal Sites available for members. Please help Tammy in promoting these Seasonals. The more Seasonals, the more chance of the financially affording improvements.
New electric dryers have been installed in the bathrooms, It has eliminated the need for paper towels. If you need some towels to clean up something, please let us know.

Price Changes
Maintenance Fees: Changing from $290 to $300 annually.
Honey Wagon: Changed from $12.50 to $13.00
Wood: $25.00 for small load $35.00 for large load The quality of the wood is much better than years past.
Golf cart registration is required every year and the fee is $10 to register.
Non-Seasonal Members will be charged $2.00 per night for electric.

Volunteers are needed to help with the activities. Please take a look at the Activity Calendar and let us know if you can spare some time. We have a signup sheet in the Office.
Anne Willis has volunteered to handle the Kids Activities.
Stephanie Balon has been named Activities Director for Timberlake. Please talk to Steph and volunteer!
A thanks to Morvin Burnette for signs/placards that he made and donated to Timberlake.
Also thanks to Ruth Rykse for doing such a good job with the flowers and flower beds.
Thanks to Gail Bazany for running the Bake Sales for us last year.
The Bunny Trail is being maintained by Mark and Linda Therrian again this year, a big Thanks to them.
It was asked if the bunny trail could be graded and Tammy said that we will try to get that done.
Seasonals, if you want to make changes to your site, please pass it by Management.
If you would like to move your seasonal site, please stop in the Office and pick up the “Move Policy”.

If you would like to plan any type of special occasion, please check with Management.
Key Cards: The computer that held the key card data base had a hard drive failure. We have a new laptop and have to re-enter all members’ cards. Stop in the Office and the Staff will be happy to re-activate your card(s). If easier, please feel free to email the last 5 digits on your key card to
Betty Flanders, Lot 39, is selling plants for her Church. The flats are $5 per flat.
Jamie Simon is working with a Church to create a church service at Timberlake on Sundays. It is a simulcast from the Church. Service to begin on the Memorial Day weekend thru the summer season.

The pop can money collected last year totaled $556. We will be buying new lounge chairs for the pool area.
The climbing wall in the playground will be repaired.
We will try to get some gravel for the bunny trail.

Cable and Wi-Fi
A company came out and provided a bid to wire the entire campground. We did a poll on Facebook and the majority that responded did not want cable / Wi-Fi. If it is put into Timberlake, all sites would have it an ALL Seasonal members would be charged $120 - $150 per year for the service, and that would be for Cable only, Wi-Fi would be an additional charge and optional. At this time, nothing is going to be done for Cable and Wi-Fi.

There will NOT be a seasonal honey wagon dump offered this year.
A Member gave a suggestion to use the extra room in the Beach House for storage of beach chairs, etc. Timberlake could provide the locks and charge members for storage fees. Timberlake Management to take that into consideration.
Another member who happens to be a nurse expressed that she was asked numerous times to assist in a medical situation. She is asking this year to not ask for assistance and for members to call 911 for assistance or go to the emergency room.

Racheal (Tammy and Tim’s daughter) was offering a photography special on Mother’s Day.

Questions and Answers
What was today’s 50/50 raffle going to be used for? The 50/50 drawings for the next few weeks will be used to buy new radios for the Staff to communicate throughout the Park.
Leave pick up will continue until complete.
A member asked if it would be considered to put in a kids game room. Timberlake Management would consider doing that but feels the Game Room must be supervised during open hours. If we can get a group of adults to help with that then this will be considered.
Can a Razor be driven to the bathrooms? Tammy stated that the Razor must be street legal to be on Timberlake roads.
Some members expressed frustration about their Verizon phone service being bad at the Park. Another member suggested dialing *228 to update the roaming capabilities on the cell phone.
Another member expressed her unhappiness about the rules pertaining to Gators and Razors use in the Park. She stated that golf carts can do more damage than razors. Tim Longcore stated that the Rules were originally made for golf carts.

Every Member must register their golf cart every year. Lot numbers or assigned numbers must be 3” tall and on both sides of the golf cart. Proof of insurance must be provided.
Guests CANNOT bring in golf carts. Coast to Coast, RPI, and AOR guests are not allowed to bring in golf carts.

Regular members (non-seasonal) do not want to be called Transients.
Pedro Sanchez volunteered to help in medical situations since he is medically trained.
Closest Emergency Room is Shelby Hospital.
There has not been a decision made regarding deer hunting at Timberlake for the 2015 Season.
Deer Run, Bear Den, and Turkey Roost will remain open for the Winter Season
Wednesday, October 29, 2014 8:36 AM
Timberlake management has decided to keep the three cabins open all winter long and will be available for rent. All you winter sports fans can have a nice place to stay while you're snowmobiling, skiing, snow shoeing, etc. Call the Office, 231 873-3285, to reserve a cabin for your getaway.
Member Meeting Minutes - Aug. 15th
Monday, August 25, 2014 2:41 PM
August 15, 2014

Tammy Longcore opened the meeting with introductions.
Tammy stated the purpose of the meeting was to discuss golf cart issues. Safety being the number one issue since we have had accidents resulting in injuries. It is the responsibility of the Owners to consider the business side of the safety issue and ultimately the liability.
Longcores want to make sure everyone is safe so Timberlake remain a great place to be.
Tim Longcore expressed the concern of underage drivers on golf carts. The Timberlake Insurance carriers recommended that golf carts be driven by licensed drivers ONLY. Tim stated that they checked with several other campgrounds that allow golf carts and their policy is the same: licensed drivers only.

Tim and Tammy asked for Member ideas on how to handle the golf cart issues.
Members Ideas/Questions
1. In past years, 14 year olds could drive if they took and passed a golf cart safety class. If we implemented that procedure again, would the Insurance Carriers allow 14 year olds to drive?
Tammy: No, Insurance carriers still would not allow. Even if we set up a course, Timberlake would still be liable if anything happened.

2. People come into the Campground from off property that are underage, what do we do?
Tammy: Report it to the office or Mark. If possible, take a picture with your cell phone camera.

3. Everyone was told that they needed to have 3” minimum size numbers on their golf carts. Member was stopped twice and told her numbers weren’t big enough, but there are many carts in the Park that do NOT have 3” numbers. If one has to do it, everyone has to do it!
Tammy: If you want the privilege of driving a golf cart you need 3” numbers on the cart. This is the policy that was put in effect this year, 2014.
4. Is Timberlake going to pay for the new numbers if members has to redo their numbers on their carts?
Tammy: This will be discussed by the Longcores and they will get back to the Members

5. Can a parent/grandparent have a child on their lap while driving the golf cart?
Tammy: No, it is not safe to have a child on your lap and the child is driving.

6. Several general comments by Members:
a. Why is there a problem having to put 3” numbers on their golf carts?
b. Some people have been here a long time with the same size numbers and should be grandfathered.
c. Parents must take responsibility and not allow their underage children to drive
d. No one follows the 5 MPH rule, on golf carts or in cars.
e. Kids should not be allowed to stand up on the back of a golf cart.

7. A serious issue that needs to be discussed is the speed limit. Cars have been speeding through the park, speeding as well as going the wrong direction in a one way area.
Tammy: Everyone can help with this, ask the driver politely to SLOW DOWN.

8. Several comments were made regarding what happens after Tammy leaves the Park. Members complained about underage drivers, drunk adult drivers, speeding, and revving of engines, being loud.

Tammy and Tim: They cannot be here 24 / 7, nor should they have to be. Please act as responsible adults. We are all adults and need to police ourselves. Be respectful of each other, and respect quiet time which is 11 PM to 9 AM.
The golf cart rules in the Park apply to the Trails also.

9. A member suggested that we need to deal with issues like adults. If you have a complaint against another member, go talk to the member. Not necessary to run to the Office and report it. Deal with the complaint one on one. If you see an underage driver, go and talk to the parents.

10. Tammy said that she had a report that there was a Coast to Coast sales representative around the pool area Thursday evening. That is not allowed and if it happens again, please report it to the Office.

11. Guests are NOT allowed to bring in golf carts. No exceptions. The Longcores Insurance agent suggested to not loan out your golf cart to others, due to liability issues.

12. A question was asked about the Timberlake stickers that where given out when you registered your golf cart. The regular member sticker works the same way as the seasonal member sticker. The Office is out of “seasonal” stickers.

In conclusion, Tammy and Tim made the decision to put the following in place to deal with underage drivers and adult drunk drivers:
1st time underage driver/drunk driver is caught they will receive a warning and their golf cart privileges will be revoked for 30 days. Their golf cart must be removed from Timberlake Property.
2nd time underage driver/drunk driver is caught they will lose their golf cart privileges for the Season. Their golf cart must be removed from Timberlake Property.
3rd time underage driver/drunk driver is caught, they will lose their golf cart privileges entirely. Their golf cart must be removed from Timberlake Property.
If these consequences do not eliminate underage driving and or drunk driving, the Longcores will consider allowing only non-modified electric golf carts on Timberlake Property.

Minutes to the Member meetings will be available on the Timberlake website, as well as the Timberlake Facebook page. We are going to attempt to put together a Timberlake Member email group so please provide your email to the Office Staff. We will try to share the minutes via email as soon as a group email list can be put together.
Seasonal Move Policy being implemented
Saturday, May 17, 2014 1:45 PM
Seasonal Lot Move Policy

• If you are a Seasonal Member and would like to move your seasonal lot, you must submit your request in writing to Tammy / the Office.

• Request must include your current lot number and the lot number being requested.

• Requests will be honored as first come/ first served.

• Management will review your request and you will be notified of approval.

• If your request is approved by Management, the move to the new lot must be completed within a 7 day period.

• Moves may NOT be done on Holiday weekends.

• The old Seasonal site must be left in good condition and will be inspected by a Staff Member prior to completion of move.

• Fees will apply if help is needed for your move by any Timberlake Staff Member.

• Once a Seasonal Member moves they must stay on the new lot for a minimum of 3 years before they will be allowed to move again unless special arrangements are made with Management.
Annual Member Meeting May 3, 2014
Saturday, May 17, 2014 1:27 PM

Tammy Longcore: opened the meeting with a greeting and welcome to Members. She introduced the entire Timberlake Staff to everyone. She then introduced the Longcore Family members that were present.
Mark Mull: Mark informed that leaf pickup/cleanup was starting that day, Saturday May 3rd. Members can rake their lots and the leave the leaves at the edge of the road for pickup. If you want the Timberlake Staff to rake your lot, there will be a $25 charge. Sign up at the Office.
There will be less Maintenance Staff working this year than in years past so please be patient when requesting service.
Speed limit is 5 MPH Speed bumps will be installed soon.
Swimming Pool and Beach House will both be open by Memorial Day weekend.
No glass containers are allowed around the swimming pool or the beach area.
Beverages must be in covered containers.
Due to the dis-repair of Timberlake tools and outdoor equipment, we will NOT be lending out tools or equipment in the future.
Firewood prices this year are as follows: Small load is $20; Large load is $30
All units in the Storage Area MUST be labeled with your name and to be done by Memorial Day weekend. Any old units not being used must be moved out of Storage.
All golf carts must be labeled with your Lot number with minimum 3 inch numbers.
Unit moves on and off lots by Timberlake Staff is priced at $15 each way. Members are responsible for unit leveling and setup.
New umbrellas have been purchased for the pool area. Please help keep the umbrella’s nice by closing them when not in use.
Help with keeping bathrooms in the Clubhouse neat and clean as well as turning the lights off when you leave if you are the last person.

Karen Longcore: Karen wanted to bring the Members up to date on the financial status of Timberlake Resort. Karen explained that when they took possession of Timberlake there were many outstanding overdue bills such as: 4 years of back property taxes; 2 years of Michigan Labor and Federal taxes; 2 months of overdue electric bills amounting to $15,000. (Timberlake was scheduled for shut-off by the electric company.) The Longcores have been working diligently on getting all the past debts paid. When all the overdue bills are paid, the Longcores are looking forward to beginning improvements to Timberlake!
If you are using a check to pay for any products or services at Timberlake, Karen would like you to write what the check is for along with your name and lot number.
Karen received a business check last year but could not read the signature nor the name of the business, it appeared to be from some type of lumberyard. She has not processed the check as yet so if you can help us and identify who wrote the check, Karen would appreciate it
If you have mailed being sent to Timberlake during the summer season, please make sure you change your address when you leave for the season.
Karen is looking for a few good people to volunteer to chair the Bake Sales this year. The names for possible chairs were Mary Hendershot and Gail Bazany.
The Bunny Trail needs some attention; volunteers are needed to clean up some of the old animals and help put up new animals.

Tammy Longcore: Tammy reiterated about the financial situation and how they are working very hard on becoming financially stable. Then the improvements will begin!
There have been several times that someone has smeared feces all over the bathrooms. This is a huge health hazard and it won’t be tolerated. If anyone is caught doing this they will be asked to leave Timberlake Property immediately and will not be welcomed back.
If you need the Honey Wagon, please stop in the office and sign up for it, cost is $12.50.
Honey Wagon is available for the “season”, you will be pumped out once a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day for the cost of $125.00. Sign up in the Office for this service.
We would like to ask each family to volunteer for one activity over the season to help in keeping staff expenses down. Please let us know if you’re interested in volunteering and for which activity. We will be starting a “Volunteer List” in the Office. Please help!
The initial Activities Calendar is available in the Office and the website.
We are looking for someone to Chair the Kids activities this season. Please let us know if you’re interested.
Memorial Day Tribute to the Troops: We would like to have an Honor Ceremony to thank all the Veterans at Timberlake. We would like the Kids to help decorate the pavilion or clubhouse (weather depending) at 2 PM for the Honor Ceremony. Honor Ceremony will take place at 5 pm followed by a Casserole Potluck. If you are a Veteran, please stop into the Office at sometime so we can get your name to add you to our Honor Board.
The pop cans collected last year brought in $290 and the money was used to by the new pool umbrellas.
If anyone knows how to run the Frisbee golf tournament, please stop in and see Tammy.
Golf Carts
The biggest complaint we receive is almost always about golf carts.
Please be respectful and courteous when driving carts at night, do not “rev” your engines after dark.
No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to drive a golf cart and must be licensed.
All golf carts MUST be registered in the Timberlake Office and current Proof of Insurance must be on file. A $10 fee will be charged. A picture will be taken of your cart to be included in your file. You will be given a Timberlake Sticker for your cart. You must put your Lot # on your cart with a minimum of 3” size numbers/letters. If you are not a seasonal, Timberlake will assign an identification number for your cart.
Guests will NOT be allowed to bring in golf carts.
Golf carts must follow the traffic flow signs on Property as well as adhere to the 5 MPH speed limit.
Security/Holiday Weekends
Timberlake will not have a Security Guard on duty for the Memorial Day weekend. We are asking all members to please respect the Rules and Regulations for Membership and NOT “sneak in” people to camp for free. Members are NOT allowed to loan their key card(s) to guests of non-members. If caught, members may be asked to leave Timberlake.
Timberlake will be using laminated cards with “In/Out” dates that campers will be attaching to the Lot post. We will monitor the laminated cards during the Holiday weekend and if you do not have that identification on your site post, you may be asked to leave.
All seasonal site posts will be marked to designate the lot as a seasonal.
Please make every attempt to pay your bills on time. If you need to make payment arrangements, stop in the Office and talk to Tammy. Late payments will be charged interest.
Tammy will make every effort to work with you regarding any and all billing issues.
Anniversary date and billing date may not coincide.

We would like a new Timberlake Logo to be used for printing on shirts, sweatshirts, etc. If you have any suggestions, please submit them to the Office. If no suggestions, we will continue to use the old Timberlake Logo.
There will be NO HUNTING on the Bunny Trail at any time. Members will be able to use the Bunny Trail in October. If some land is leased to hunters in the future, trails will be marked properly.
We have done a comparison of Timberlake to 7 other private and public campgrounds in the area. Here are some of the differences: Timberlake does not charge for visitors. Several of the other parks in the area charge visitors $4 per visit. We are the ONLY private campground with Lake Michigan beach front. We are one of the only private parks that allow golf carts.
The Longcores are trying very hard to make Timberlake a calm, considerate, family friendly environment for our Members to enjoy. If you have any questions and concerns please talk to Staff Members and get accurate and correct information. Let’s stop the rumors.

1. The back flow valves need to be put back on some lots. This was completed the week of 5/5/14.

2. Why can’t immediate family be here without the Member?
The Rules and Regulations have not changed on this issue. Guests are not permitted without the Member being present (which includes immediate family). This rule has not changed!
If you’re original contract includes immediate family members then the arrangements on the contract will stand. All others MUST follow the Rules and Regulations
The Rules and Regulations of Membership will be enforced the same for everyone.
Adult children are considered “guests”.
If your child is still a dependent and living in your household, then they can stay with the parents at no charge.
Adult children of a member can purchase a Timberlake Membership for $500.00.

3. Electric Meters – when are they read?
Only Seasonal lots are charged for electricity. Meters will be read 3 times during the season: May/Aug/Oct. Seasonal will be billed after each meter reading. Electricity will be billed at the rate of $ .12 per kilowatt.

4. Why weren’t the roads kept clear during the past winter?
Staff did their best to keep the roads in the Park plowed over the winter months. As everyone knows, it was one of the worst winters in a hundred years. Next year Staff will make an effort to keep roads plowed and make “parking areas” for Members to park and use the facilities.

5. Are Seasonal Rates being raised?
Seasonal Rates are NOT being raised for the 2014 Season. All Seasonal Members must sign a new Seasonal Contract. The new Seasonal Contract is different then the Member Contract.

6. Can firewood be brought in from other locations?
Tammy will be following up on the new DNR regulations and we will let everyone know a decision.

7. Is the Timberlake Beach being sold?
The Timberlake beach is NOT being sold!!!

8. Will there be hot water in the Laundry Room?
This is being discussed and we will let everyone know.
Timberlake Logo Contest
Sunday, April 6, 2014 8:50 AM
It is time for a new and fresh look to our Timberlake Logo. So we are asking our members, adults and kids, to submit their logo suggestions/drawings over Memorial Day weekend. More info to follow
Golf Cart Poker Runs Dates to be announced
Sunday, April 6, 2014 8:46 AM
Our own wonderful Debbie Kimble will be in charge of setting up all the Golf Cart Poker Runs this year. She will provide a schedule in the near future.
Volunteers Needed for Kids Activities
Sunday, April 6, 2014 8:44 AM
Tammy is looking for a volunteer/volunteers to plan and perform the Kids Activities this year. Please let her know if you can help!
Member Meeting 2014 - May 3rd
Sunday, April 6, 2014 8:38 AM
11 AM in the Clubhouse followed by a Hot Dog Roast
Thursday, June 21, 2012 1:17 PM
Saturday, November 5, 2011 9:30 AM
As some of you may already know, seasonal rates have increased $150.00 this year. In order to continue with upgrades and improvements to the park and as our operating costs goes up,we must pass some of this on to our members. It is still way below the current market rate as compared to other parks in the area and what we have to offer. we want to continue to offer the best in membership camping. We have many fun activities planned this year. With the help of our new activities director: Leigh Ann Irland Site# 119, we have a lot of fun and new things planned for the 2012 season. As always if anyone would like to volunteer please contact us here at the office and I will pass your name on to Leigh Ann. Your help is always welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your support.
Our winter office hours are monday,thursday, friday and saturday 10am-2pm depending on weather conditions or other unexpected circumstances. Please leave a message and someone will call you back. Thanks terry
Welcome to the new Timberlake website
Sunday, February 6, 2011 7:28 PM
We are sorry that the website has been down. But we are back up and running. Thank you for being patient with us.

Keep an eye on the calendar and news pages as we plan events for the 2011 season. The water will be turned on about mid-April.
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